I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to connect you with them. 

From my experience, I can truly say, Louis Thiel, LMT, of Ridgefield,  CT is a highly qualified and expert sports massage therapist dedicated  to the healing and well-being of his patients. After a compounded sports injury and many months of medical appointments from Fairfield  County to New York City, numerous MRIs, long term physical therapy,  cortisone injections, and pain prescriptions, all to no significant  nor lasting effect, I was recommended to a chiropractor by a friend;  that was the beginning of getting my life back. The chiropractic treatments included deep tissue massage of the IT band which further boosted healing, yet much work remained. At that point, my chiropractor referred me to Louis who was a partner in his office. I can honestly say, from onset to present day, I went from chronic and excruciating pain, tears, and terrible disability to being able to run, horseback ride, and enjoy life again. I also must add, this was not an injury that was going to heal itself as medical doctors thought it would; to the contrary, when I was told by doctors to just rest, scar tissue apparently had been forming and binding to tendons causing further problems. Thankfully, the scar tissue has been broken down and the IT band has been stimulated to repair itself with the great work started by my chiropractor and further excelled by Louis. As an added bonus, a disfiguring, indented, and very old scar on my calf that Louis noticed has been skillfully manipulated to an amazing result of a barely noticeable scar spot. But, most of all, I cannot thank Louis and my chiropractor enough for returning me to a pain-free life. I no longer have the shock type pain in the thigh nor the throbbing at hip socket that I once constantly endured. I am forever grateful to Louis Thiel and (Dr. Christopher Mascetta, DC) my chiropractor. 

Terri , Ridgefield CT